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Petorose Retails Pvt. Ltd. was formed out of a desire to put personal knowledge of good choice to test. ‘Petorose’ is a play on the phrase ‘petals of rose’ signifying soft style. Petorose started with a mere Facebook page 2 years back and has been loyal to its customers ever since with more repeat orders than expected.

The brains behind Petorose Fashion Accessories, Ms. Somya Goel has very beautifully carved a place for herself in the huge fashion industry and is now going big with a carefully strategized approach towards customers. Petorose Retails Pvt. Ltd. was born in New Delhi with an aim to cater to the gifting industry but after performing so well in the niche of Fashion Accessories, founders decided to stick to that only.

The price range that Petorose offers is extremely competitive in the market and it is almost impossible to find any brand offering such affordable prices. Also, the products the Petorose brings are very carefully selected and brought from around the world to the likes of Petorose’s customers.


Somya Goel

CEO, COO and Co-founder

A Masters in Business Administration and Commerce, an ever learning person with desire to make people happy by bringing to them the best of fashion accessories.

Sanchit Goel

CMO and Co-founder

An enterprising person with almost 3 startups rambling his mind, he is the business developer and manager of this entrepreneurial brother sister duo.

  I received my Fendi Spy Bag today and I'm blown away by the packaging and presentation. I will definitely shop with you again.

Meena Agrawal, Delhi